Four Winds Phaedra: He Ain’t Hefe, He’s My IPA.

It’s like a hefe married an IPA and lived happily ever after.

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Ravens Oldhand Coffee IPA: The Future’s So Bright….

Downtown Abbotsford, once the centre for trade and shopping, has gone through quite the  rough spell over the past 30 plus years. Unable to keep up with changing times, it has fallen victim to disrepair, neglect, and the relentless Father Time. The pendulum is starting to swing, however, as a renaissance of sorts has started […]

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Field House California Common: Am I a lager or an ale?

We live in an era of confusion, irony, and hypocrisy. Desiring deep interpersonal relationships while fixated by handheld devices. Applauding simplicity, yet driven by stuff. Liking the pictures of Instagrammers in the great outdoors while binge watching Netflix (sometimes while in the great outdoors). Turn the clock back 150 years. Here we find a simpler […]

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