R&B Stolen Bike Lager: Hey dude where’s my bike? And other things you ask for in East Van.

Taking a moment to reminisce

My first true beer-crush goes way back to the ’86 World’s Fair in Vancouver, when I fell in love with Beck’s at the German Festhaus. It was unusual then to drink a beverage not labelled Blue, Canadian, Extra Old Stock, or the budget friendly, yellow labelled, No Name Beer. For most, the 80’s hipster versions of beer was Corona, Foster’s, and Heineken.

Beck’s, however, broke all of the rules, and was a true delight. It was a special treat to enter an establishment and partake in Beck’s on-tap. Oh ya! That’s what I’m talking about. Nothing beat a pint of Beck’s on-tap.

Friday and Saturday nights at The Breakers in Point Roberts, Washington was always a good time. Good food, great live bands, huge dance floor, pool tables, a fantastic atmosphere, and, most importantly, Beck’s on-tap.

Back to reality

But I digress… Stolen Bike from R&B Brewing harkens me back to those good old days at The Breakers. A simple, clean lager with a subtle European flavour, and a twinge of hops (not much but just enough). At only 24 IBU it is easy on the palette, it’s too bad that I couldn’t get a 12 pack to work over during this  hot summer weekend – that, however, would require a trip to East Van.

Stolen Bike would pretty much go with any food, and would be appropriate for any occasion.

What does Lunchmeat think?

The Panda gives this full marks but what does Lunchmeat think?

Fortunately, he was on hand to savour this fine beverage, exclaiming “Mmmmmm, that’s good!”…. I guess he likes it too. He also found it smooth, with a very nice aftertaste, and, more importantly, really, really, liked the label.

Where to find it

I’ve only seen it at the Liquor Barn on the corner of Clearbrook Road and South Fraser Way in Abbotsford, BC. They have a Beer Finder on their website to find a purveyor of their hopped beverages near you.

Gonna go quench that panda sized thirst… cheers!

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