Steamworks Summer Ale: Summer should be 365 days a year. 

They say we live on the “wet” coast, and although that may be true, Steamworks Brewing Company is pouring a little sunshine into the glasses of Vancouver’s craft beer community.

The only steam generated brewery in Canada, Steamworks crafts a nice bright range of beers. Their Summer Ale is one of my  favourite beverages for just kicking back.

Good Day Sunshine

Before pouring this out I must say it is also one of my favorite labels. Very well thought out, it features whimsical artwork, a delightful color scheme, and just the right amount of intelligent information.

Onto the star of our show… this brew pours with a full, frothy head that will take a minute to settle. It’s has a murky appearance with little floaties that are from the zest of orange, and lemon, and grains of paradise (part of the ginger family). You’ll pick up the citrus and mild spice scent, with a hint of hops.

This beer drinks quite nicely when it is cool (not cold) and on first blush is bright and fruity. There is a touch of hoppy bitterness but it is so well balanced off by the tang of the orange and lemon, and the rich gentle sweetness from the Heidelberg wheat.

Bottom line

Steamworks has done an exceptional job with this wheat ale, and the Thirsty Panda has no hesitation recommending it. Head down to the Steamworks facility for some munchies and a pint or two of Summer Ale (be sure to check their website first to make sure it’s on tap).

If you can’t make it to the Gastown district of downtown Vancouver, a 4 pack is usually readily available at most Vancouver area liquor stores.

Descriptive Panda-tives









Similar Brews

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