Fernie Brewing: Pumpkin Brown Ale

Time heals all wounds” – except for those with a distaste for pumpkin beer. For haters it is a mortal wound that only a double IPA or Category 12 Zombie Repellant Ale 2 can remedy.

Not holding the same disdain, pumpkin ales, for me, parallel Christmas carols because they’re fun at first, but quickly lose their luster. Come the end of September, the pumpkin ales start popping up and I get the itch to partake. Within the first two or three bombers I’m done with them, and hardly notice their existence on the store shelf.

Bring on the pumpkin

Fernie Brewing Pumpkin Brown Ale was one of 3 pumpkin ales I chose to pick up this season and give the old college try. Having gone without a pumpkin beverage of any kind for quite some time, the palate was clean and undisturbed by seasonal spices.

As expected, the beverage poured a nice fluffy head, and smelled of pumpkin pie spices with a mild hoppy-ness. Bring on the turkey!

Not to disappoint, this pumpkin ale screamed Thanksgiving. A sweet festiveness, heavy on the spice (cloves, all spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. etc.), was a touch overwhelming at first. After the initial attack on the senses, I warmed up to it, drifting into a seasonal bliss thanks to the beer’s roasted malty tones, and smooth texture.

What about the pumpkin you ask? Me too! I must admit pumpkin is one of those adjuncts that doesn’t really jump off the page. It’s really the spices used to doll it up that are the star, and that was certainly the case here. I smelled pumpkin, but that played more of a supporting role – as I guess it should be.

Turkey Day

This would be a nice beverage to share with friends and family, just hanging out and playing board games. Not to mention pairing splendidly with Thanksgiving dinner (ham or turkey).

It’s warmth and richness were pleasant, making it probably one of the better pumpkin ales I’ve had. Good job Fernie Brewing.

Well that’s it for now, gonna go quench that panda sized thirst… cheers eh!


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