Beer Fact or Fiction #994: King Henry VIII outlawed useless ale-houses to promote archery.

Concerned for the protection of the country, King Henry VIII of England put into the law the outlawing of ale-houses that were seen to be contrary to the well being of the common wealth.

Based on the law passed in 1495, Henry felt that people were spending too much time playing games and drinking ales and beer in ale-houses and tipping-houses. By putting this law into place people would be forced to participate in outside activities like archery.

Although Henry is known more for a voracious appetite causing his rotund size, he was actually at one point quite the athlete. This law was probably in keeping with his affinity for outdoor sports – tennis being one of his more proficient pastimes.

Beer fact or fiction?  Who cares? Time to go quench that panda sized thirst… cheers eh!

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