Trading Post: Black IPA

It was a cold and stormy November afternoon, and the east wind was blowing hard against my rain drenched face. Seeking shelter against the violence that only Mother Nature can inflict, I found comfort within the hospitable walls of the Trading Post Brewing and Tasting Room.

Wandering up to the counter, I was welcomed by a pleasant smile and a warm greeting.

The tap choices were plenty, but my eyes quickly drew to the Black IPA.

Black IPA? I’ve never had such a thing. It sounded just like the right beverage for a damp, and cold Thirsty Panda.

Finding space in the mezzanine, the beverage harkened my name, begging to be consumed. Drawing it close, it’s fragrance was powerfully intoxicating, wafting pleasant floral hoppy aromas, with strong undertones of malts.

The glass made its way to my lips and I drank in its riches. Two worlds collided in a battle waged in my mouth. The hops slashing, and gripping my tongue, while strong warriors of malt fought back valiantly.

Although the battle seemed evenly matched, the determined hoppy bitters vanquished their bold, but highly overmatched, malty foe.

The End.



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