Old Yale Brewing: Himalayan Salted Caramel Porter

Popped by the Old Yale Brewing tasting room in Sardis, BC before Christmas to drop off some socks for Ruth and Naomi’s Mission in Chilliwack, and to fill up a growler.

Tried a couple tasters, and the limited edition Himalayan Salted Caramel Porter sure seemed like the clear winner (plus the stout was poured with nitro which isn’t growler friendly). Of note, the Himalayan is so limited you can’t even get a 64oz growler fill unless you donate some socks! Good thing I brought some socks (and lots of them too) and a 64oz growler.

Quick timeout here….

I’m just going to take a second to brag on the quality of people they have at Old Yale Brewing (this is completely unbiased by the way). These folks care about craft beer, and they just plain GET IT. They understand that if I want to know a bit about a beverage, I’m obviously interested. So much so that the gal behind the counter actually wrote out all of the ingredients…. HOW GOOD IS THAT???

Anyway, thank you OYB for having good staff and for caring.

Back to the beer….

Once home it seemed only appropriate to turn on the Christmas lights, create a hygge environment, and set this beverage free!

It poured real nice, with a big fluffy tan head. As one would expect the fragrance was rich with malts and caramel.

It is very smooth to the palate, with a soothing effervescence.  The malt and caramel are the stars of this show, with a hint of vanilla. The “salty caramel” is there, along with just enough sweetness (in part to the added lactose) to accent the richness of the beverage.

Is it a porter? Yes. Is it really a stout? Probably. In actuality, a stout is supposed to be a strong porter – they were called “stout porters” back in the day but the terms are now used interchangeably and left up to the brewer to decide.

All in all a very comfortable beverage that I would certainly recommend and probably bring on a trip to the Himalayas. Old Yale has done very well concocting this beverage. If I were to sum it up into one word it would be YUMMO!

Well that’s it for now, gonna go quench that panda sized thirst… cheers eh!

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