Wheelbite: A Yeast Van Boarder Thing

East Vancouver is to a hop-head what Wriggly Field is to a baseball fanatic… shear paradise! There are so many craft breweries in a relatively small region, which can make choosing one destination a tough task.

Today I had a plan! A brief plan albeit, but a plan just the same.

And that plan was simple…. a visit to East Van Brewing.

The Outside

I have never been inside, but saw it under construction in October during my epic tap house tour. Situated on the 1600 block of Venables, the restored building is nicely lit, and features a retro-modern look with big welcoming windows.

The Inside

Although it’s a street level entrance, you head down the stairs to the tap room (upstairs is office space etc.). There you’ll find a beautiful long bar, a fridge for off-sales, some swag for sale, plenty of seating, a glass wall providing a view to the brewing area, an AC/DC pinball machine (I was thunderstruck), and friendly people behind the counter.

The Beer

Having never had any of their beverages, I sampled a couple (which they were happy to oblige), although I’m not too handy on a skateboard I settled on a glass of the Wheelbite IPA, and found a comfy seat.

IMG_20180215_175025_147.jpgTaking in the pleasant surroundings, I indulged in the beverage of choice and was thoroughly impressed. I found it to be a really well balanced beer with a fruity hop aroma and smooth mouth feel. Not too hoppy and not too malty, the flavour was quite enjoyable with just the right amount of bitterness (55 IBU). There was also a unique flavour that I couldn’t quite put a finger on but one that was very nice indeed.

This is definitely a beverage I would come back for. I’m not into “over the hop” beers but do enjoy hops in moderation. Which East Van’s Wheelbite IPA delivered on. It’s not available in  bombers or cans, and I didn’t have a growler with me so it appeared I would have to wait until my next visit.

The Farewell

Completely satisfied, I headed up the stairs and was about to make the long journey home when I remembered Off The Rail was unveiling their Comet Launcher Double IPA in celebration of their 3rd anniversary. Being Yeast Van they were only 4 blocks away too! What the heck, it would be a shame to miss out…. A change of plans was in order. But more about that in another blog.

Well that’s it for now, gonna go quench that panda sized thirst… Cheers!

*WIBTA is where I ask myself “Would I Buy This Again?”



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