Foamer’s Folly: Bonding Over Brews

After an excellent morning service at The Village Church in Langley, Sarah (my youngest daughter) and I journeyed out for some Father / Daughter bonding time.

Heading to the north side of the Fraser River, we stopped into Foamer’s Folley Brewing in Pitt Meadows before heading to Golden Ears Cheesecrafters for lunch. Having never been to either place, we were looking forward to the adventure.

We made it!

Pulling off Harris Rd onto 122A, and into the lot, we parked the Prius in the shade, and were off.

There’s a good amount of seating inside, and lots on the outside deck – perfect for a nice summer’s day. They have large garage style doors that open to the outside, making it as pleasant inside as it is outside on a nice sunny day.


The tap selection was outstanding, with pretty much any beer for any preference (lager, kolsch, sour, gose, pales, stout, porter, IPA, ESBs, pumpkin ale, and more). Offered in pints, glasses, a 4 glass flight, a 6 glass flight (great idea), tasters, and fills, as well as a keg service to satisfy those thirsty party guests. Not to mention a fridge stocked with a number of options to bring home.

Not sure what you want? You can always ask for a sample or two. This is a good way to avoid spending money on something you may end up leaving in the glass or drinking just because you spent the money. Most brewers want you to have a good experience, and serving you something you won’t enjoy is counterproductive to that.

Beer’s not your thing? They also offer cider, wine, soda pop, and good ole’ H2O.

If you’re feeling a bit hangry, they have a modest munchie offering – nachos, pizza, local Hardbite potato chips (personal fave), etc.. If that doesn’t work, you can always bring your own food in and wash it down with a beer.

This is also a family friendly place, with games, drawing implements, and beverages to keep the toddlers happy. There were a few young couples with children who had brought eats for the wee ones, while enjoying a cold bevvy.

Back to the Beer

Speaking of bevvies, between the two of us we went with a 6 glass flight (love this idea), choosing a broad cross section.

  • Blackberry Lemoncello Sour 👍
  • White and Lazy IPA
  • Pocket Knife Hazy Peach Pale Ale
  • Folly Double Dryhopped Sour
  • Lionhead Gose
  • Lavender Earl Grey ESB 👍


Stretching our tasting over an hour or so, we took the time to appreciate and understand the character of each small glass, shared a bag of Hardbite potato chips, and enjoyed each other’s company.

As an obsessed hophead Dad, it was my first opportunity to share my passion for beer with Sarah. So cool just talking about what each beer was about, finding out her likes and dislikes, and just spending time together. She’s definitely not a hophead, but doesn’t shy away from trying different beers.


Although Sarah shares my DNA, there were a few we disagreed about, and a couple we agreed on. At the end of the day Sarah really enjoyed the Lavender Earl Grey ESB. Appreciating its warm smell, and finding it smooth, and easy drinking. This didn’t surprise me, as it was not too long ago she showed quit the affinity for the Dogwood London Fog.

I’m on a saison-sour-gose journey right now (exploring the funk), so I gravitated to the Blackberry Lemoncello Sour. It really went beyond the sour, providing a wonderful flavour.

Closing Note

You’ll never get a true evaluation of a brewery based on a single flight. It takes a few visits, trying different options before finding out what they are good at, and not so good at.

What I did take away from my first visit was the depth of product offering, and the clean, friendly surroundings. Being a Sunday afternoon it was a bit busy so I didn’t have an opportunity to spend any quality time talking to the staff about the beers, but the server did ask me what I like (thank you) and recommended the gose (thank you).

All that to say, if you’re in the neighbourhood, I highly recommend dropping into Foamer’s Folly for a pint and a bag of Hardbite potato chips. There’s sure to be something on tap to tickle your fancy.

Well that’s it for now, gonna go quench that panda sized thirst… Cheers!




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